In 2007, cooperation between the Swedish Medical Association (SMA) and LfM started. SMA has now adopted the questions of climate changes and chemicals, including pharmaceuticals. In July 2008 we had a seminar together at the politicians week in Almedalen, about climate changes and health. In December 2009, we had a seminar on the same subject at the Annual General Meeting of the Swedish Society of Medicine. We advise SMA on comments to the World Medical Associations (WMA) declarations on climate changes and health 2009 and on chemicals and health 2010.

In 2009, LfM was accepted as an associated member of the Swedish Society of Medicine (SLS). In December 2009, we had a seminar on pharmaceuticals and environment, that was video filmed and is accessible on the website of SLS. During 2010, cooperation with the section for Work- and Environmental medicine will be discussed.

LfM has, together with Engineers for the Environment (IfM) and Economists for the Environment (EfM) formed the umbrella organisation The Natural Step's Professional Network (DNSy) We have arranged several seminars together.

LfM is associated to three international organisations:
- ISDE International Society of Doctors for the Environment
- HCWH Health Care Without Harm
- Climate and Health Council

LfM has some international cooperation:
- INCHES, International Research and Information Network on Children's Health, Environment and Safety
- The Bhopal Medical Appeal and Sambhavna Trust

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