Environmental risks of pharmaceuticals. What can be done?  Presentation at CleanMed Europe 2012

Environmental Persistent Pharmaceutical Pollutants (EPPP)  The nomination of emerging policy from ISDE to SAICM, november 2010 

Pharmaceuticals, environment and children's health - what do we know today? Presentation at 5th ICCHE conference, Bangalore, February 2010

Pharmaceuticals - basic facts and proposed measures to protect the public health and the environment  
Prepared as a declaration for ISDE, 2009

Pharmaceuticals and the Environment + Mercury Free Health Care Presentations at Toxics Links seminar in New Delhi, April 2007

Green Health Care – how to create awarenessAbstract, CleanMed 2006

Food for life Seminar programme, February 2006

Medicines, Health and environment Seminar programme, September 2005

Medicines, Health and Environment - what is the price we pay? Abstract to 14th Nordic Congress of General Practice, Stockholm 2005

Medicines and the Environment. What Do We Know Today? A Brief State of the Art Analysis LfM, 1997.

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