MORE REFERENCES on medicines and environment in English and Swedish.

SEE ALSO Wikipedia on EPPPs (Environmental Persistent Pharmaceutical Pollutants).


Janusinfo is a non-commercial web site providing drug information to support health care professionals in their every day work. is the pharmaceutical companies' prescribing guide for doctors and others. Environmental information is included.

Green procurement of pharmaceuticals  The Swedish Environmental Management Council 

MistraPharma  A research programme on medicines and environment

WikiPharma  MistraPharma Wiki Database


Environmentally classified pharmaceuticals 2012  County Council of Stockholm

Towards Sustainable Pharmaceuticals in a Healthy Society  MistraPharma 2010

Pharmaceuticals in the environment  - result of an EEA workshop  European Environment Agency, technical report 1/2010 

Brosché S. Effects of pharmaceuticals on natural microbial communities. Tolerance development, mixture toxicity, and synergistic interactions. Dissertation for PhD. University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2010.

Sustainable development and pharmaceuticals. EU member meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, Nov 11-12, 2009. Material from the Medical Products Agency.
Post Conference Booklet 

A Healthy Future. Pharmaceuticals in a Sustainable Society  MistraPharma 2009.
Order or download here 

Making Sure Medications Are Good for You--And for the Environment  Scientific American 4.2.2009

Retrospectal environmental risk assessment of human pharmaceuticals in the Nordic countries 1997 - 2007  Norden, TemaNord 2009:587.

Phase-out of hazardous chemicals - in accordance with the Stockholms County Council Environmental Policy programme. Report 2007.

Preventing damage to the environment from pharmaceuticals: a primer.
A fact sheet by Health Care Without Harm Europe. February 2008.

Environmental classification of pharmaceuticals in - guidance for pharmaceutical companies 2007.

Swedish environmental classification of pharmaceuticals.
Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF)

Sweden's Voluntary Environmental Drug Classification system. RAJ Pharma, March 2007

Swedish pharmacies ban silver band-aids. The article in Miljöaktuellt 3/2006 translated into English.

Environment and Pharmaceuticals. A book published 2005 in cooperation between Apoteket AB, Stockholm County Council and Stockkholm University. Gives a very good overview. 

Environmental effects of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and hygiene products. Official report from the Medical Products Agency. Summary, 2004.

Pharmaceutidcals in the environment - current research and regulatory aspects. Documentation from a seminar in 2004, arranged by the Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF) and the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Health Care Without Harm An international non-governmental organisation.

Region Västra Götaland is a western Swedish region with wide ranging self-government, responsible for health and medical care and regional development.

Environmental Health News is published daily by Environmental Health Sciences, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 to help increase public understanding of emerging scientific links between environmental exposures and human health.


Chemicals and health

Besides climate changes, chemicals in the environment is the largest threat to humanity's health. Here you find links to articles in English about chemicals and health.


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